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Sealth Aero Marine, manufacturers of SAM LATCHES, have been established for over 50 years. Today they are a major supplier of latches

and interior hardware for aircraft, marine and road transportation interiors. In addition to the unique SAM latch “EASY CLOSE” bolt range

of latches they manufacture door bolting systems, ¼ turn retainers, hinges, coat hooks, handles and hydraulic and air operated damper units.

ARICO are the UK based technical representatives for SAM latch products. We work with design houses, galley and monument OEM’s

and completion centres on the suitability of existing products and the development of new products for specific applications. To help

in this we have produced a “Concise” catalogue, mainly pictorial,  of SAM Latch parts available in .pdf format.

SAM LATCH STOCK. We also maintain stock in the UK of a number of the SAM latches in current production use to support manufacturers

in both spares requirements and unscheduled production needs. The range is constantly evolving by customer request.

To get a copy of the concise SAM catalogue, the full data catalogue or check stock availability please contact

More information on Sealth Aero Marine products can be found on their web site at

Most latches incorporate the SAM “EASY CLOSE”

bolt mechanism. With a typical closure pressure

of 0.25 lbs per bolt the SAM system gives a significant

noise reduction compared to conventional bolting

systems. SAM latches are increasingly being specified

by long haul airlines where a quieter cabin environment

is desired. Applications include galleys, closets, crew

rest areas and premium seating incorporating personal

stowage units. The “SAM” system is particularly beneficial in applications requiring multiple bolting.